jueves, noviembre 30, 2006

grayskul - deadlivers (2005)

A1.You People
A3.Bombs And Chemicals
A4.Adverserail Theatre Of Justice. Rap [Featuring] - Canibus Vocals [Intro] - Barfly
A5.Action Fgure Of Speech
A6.The Spectacular Rescue
B1.Voltronic Instructional Espionage. Rap [Featuring] - Aesop Rock
B2.Once Upon A Time. Vocals [Chorus] - Miranda
B3.Do They Exist
B4.Cursive. Rap [Featuring] - Mr. Lif
C1.Hatred Displayed
C3.After Hours . Rap [Featuring] - Abstract Rude
C4.The Skul .Vocals [Featuring] - Rob Hampton
D1.Prom Quiz
D3.Secret Wars . Rap [Featuring] - Anaxagorus , Barfly , Bishop , Destro , Hyena , Mako , Nyqwil , Pale Soul , Sleep , Smoke , Snafu , Syndel , Tremor

themselves - them (2003)

themselves son : (doseone y jel)

2.Directions To My Special Place
3.Joyful Toy Of A 1001 Faces
4.Revenge Of The Fern
5.Eating Homework
6.Lyrical Cougel Feat - Pedestrian, The , Sole
7.Grass Skirt & Fruit Hat
8.The Crayon Sharpener
9.John Brown's Vaporizer Feat - Mr. Dibbs
10.Another Part Of The Clown's Brain
11.Death Of A Thespian
12.It's Them

anticon - music for the advancement of hip hop

anticon record es una etiqueta .constituido por 8 mc`s, productores y djs. que asen un hip hop abstratcto lo k se denominan ellos es decir una vola cuatica pa no desir otra forma bueno hay les dejo este disco k es como un mixtape.anticon son: alias, doseone, jel, odd nosdam, baillie parker, pedestrian, sole , why?,13&god(the notwist y themselves),sage francis,dosh,themselves(jel y doseone).


doseone - hemispheres (2002)

doseone, mc de la anticon..


1.Bronchial Cleansing (1:05)
2.Civilization (3:57)
3.Spitfire (5:39)Featuring - Lionesque
4.Self Explanitory (4:18)
5.Voluntary Passive Euthanasia (4:42)
6.2 Ton Can Of Wupass (4:43)
7.As For Bias (4:34)
8.That Ol' Pagan Shit (5:25)
9.Etherial Downtime (6:56)
10.Neapolitan (5:23)
11.Genres (6:30) Feat - Kris Brown

miércoles, noviembre 29, 2006

sole - bottle of humans (2003)

sole, rapero de la anticon k tiene 9 miembros mas....

1 .Dismantling Of Sole's Ego (2:54)
2 .I Don't Rap In Bumper Stickers (2:43)
3 .Tourist Trapeze (3:11)
4 .Famous Last Words (4:42) 5 .Bottle Of Humans (6:28)
6 .Man And Woman (1:49)
7 .Center City (4:36) Feat - Why?
8 .Furthermore (3:48)
9 .Save The Children (4:23)
10. Suicide Song (5:54)
11 .Year Of The $exxx $ymbol (4:10)
12 .Very Important Message (0:56)
13 .Sole Has Issues (5:58)
14 .Our Dirty Big Secret (4:14) Feat - Alias , Dose One , Pedestrian, The
15 .Bottle Of Leftovers (1:18)
16 .Home (3:38)

viernes, noviembre 24, 2006

Iame - noise complaints (2006)

iame de la oldominion crew.......

1.Fog On The Shore (Intro).Producer - $iMpLe
2.The Pauper Vs. The Pompous
3.A.D.D. (Gimme Gimmicks)
4.Not Like You.Featuring - Soul Plasma
6.stuck.Producer - Sapient
7.Noise Complaints
8.An Anti-Anthem
9.The Abyss
10.Stop And Go.Producer - $iMpLe
11.Poser Police
12.Blast Off!
13.Universoul.Featuring - Gold , Toni Hill
14.Without It
15.Thin Line (Interlude)
16.Bush's Belly Ache
17.Never Stop
18.As I Walk Alone.Featuring - NyQwil , Smoke
19.Day Is Done (Outro)

lunes, noviembre 20, 2006

violadores del verso - tu eres alguien(dvd)

Estilo: Hip hop/Concierto Calidad: DVD - MPEG Layer-3 Año: 2.002 Información: IINFO. VIDEO - Códec: Divx 5 © - Fps: 25 Fps - Anchura: 512 pixels - Altura: 408 pixels - Bitrate: 920 Kbps INFO. AUDIO - Códec: MPEG Layer-3 - Bitrate: 13.061 Kbps - Canales: 2 (Estéreo) - Tasa de muestra: 48.000 Hz TAMAÑO DEL ARCHIVO: 709.074 KB EXTENSIÓN DEL ARCHIVO: *.AVI DURACIÓN: 1 HORAS, 30 MINUTOS, 18 SEGUNDOSS * CORTADO CON SPLITTER.

Enlace 1: ROTONDA
Enlace 2: ROTONDA
Enlace 3: ROTONDA

domingo, noviembre 19, 2006

violadores del verso - vivir para contarlo (2006)

puta k decir de este grupo español de zaragoza po yo kacho k too lo cachan y el k no que se pege un tiro en la cien ... este disco lo pongo por k me dieron el link .porke no es tanto de mi gusto pero ya es un clasico esta banda del jip jop. hay kase-o,hate,lirico y rderumba....pa mi yo me keo con los anteriores

1. Filosofía y Letras
2. Asómate
3. Pura Droga Sin Cortar
4. Información Planta Calle
5. A Las Cosas Por Su Nombre
6. Nada Más6. Resistencia Arrogante (Con Rebel)
7. Ocho Líneas
8. Cantando
9. Alergia
10. Vivir Para Contarlo
11. No Somos Ciegos
12. Zombis
13. Dale Tiempo Al Rumor

miércoles, noviembre 15, 2006

Sick Symphonies Presents Sick Jacken And Cynic - Terror Tapes Vol.1 (2006)

discazoo po hay sick jacken(psycho) y cynic(street platoon) naa mas k a escucharlooo....

1. 2 Sides To Every Story
2. Committed So Deep. (feat bacardi riam & planet asia)
3. Fuck Cake
4. See The Light
5. Sovereign States
6. Ten Wheel Drive. (feat ill bill)
7. Heat
8. Coneccion Del Ano. (feat sinfull el pecador)
9. One Love
10. Surprised Im Alive. (feat chace infinite & defari)
11. Not Guilty. (feat frank black)
12. Decade Of Dope
13. Life Of A Drug Dealer
14. CIA Murder Me. (feat chace infinite)
15. They Say Nothing
16. Chart Music
17. Grapples Of War. (feat donnie castro)
18. Children Of The Night

cuando lo bajen le va a parecer como un icono de pc la wea k tinen k aser es apretar con el boton derecho y ponen abrir con.. y elijen el winrar y listo y hay lo descomprimen...
You will need to rename this file to .rar after downloading it............


naa mas k grupazo del hxc new yorkinoo o tambien conocido como hxc metal grupo formado por Chris Beattie, Frank "3 Gun" Novinec, Jamey Jasta, Matt Byrne, Sean Martin... laa pataa
aki les dejo 2 albunes de esta banda........

the rise of brutality (2003)

ROTONDA pasword:zades
1.Tear It Down (1:47)
2.Straight To Your Face (2:17)
3.Facing What Consumes You (3:29)
4.Live For This (2:49)
5.Doomsayer (3:22)
6.Another Day, Another Vendetta (3:03)
7.A Lesson Lived Is A Lesson Learned (2:03)
8.Beholder Of Justice (2:44)
9.This Is Now (3:36)
10.Voice Of Contention (2:27)
11.Choose Or Be Chosen (1:39)
12.Confide In No One (2:38)

perseverance (2002)

01.Proven (2:36)
02.Perseverance (2:21)
03.You're Never Alone (3:22)
04.I Will Be Heard (2:59)
05.A Call For Blood (3:05)
06.Below The Bottom (2:26)
07.We Still Fight (1:35)
08.Unloved (2:38)
09.Bloodsoaked Memories (2:53)
10.Hollow Ground (2:40)
11.Final Prayer (2:13)
12.Smash Your Enemies (2:10)
13.Healing To Suffer Again (2:50)
14.Judgement Strikes (Unbreakable) (1:26)
15.Remain Nameless (2:51)
16.Outro (0:38)

martes, noviembre 14, 2006

cyrcle of tyrants - the cyrcle of tyrants (2005)

album de (necro,ill bill,goretex & mr.hyde) de la psycho+logical-records...


1.The Chosen Few (3:40)

2.Theatre Of Creeps (4:24)

3.Carnivores (3:35)

4.South Of Heaven (4:00)

5.Tyrannical (2:39)

6.The Four Horsemen (4:29)

7.Take It In Blood (2:03)

8.Necrotura (6:19)

9.The Ultimate Revenge (2:40)

10.Severed Organs (3:03)

11.Joe Spinell (3:06)

12.Fender Rhodes Suicide (3:07)

13.The Black Wings Of Apocalypse (3:07)

jus allah - all fates have changed (2005)


1. This Is For Y'all
2. Hell Razors feat. Evil Dead
3. Supreme
4. Pool Of Blood feat. Gza
5. Tomorrow
6. Eyes Of A Disciple feat. Bomshot, Shabazz The Disciple
7. Trust (Interlude)
8. Important Shit feat Lord Jamar, Agallah
9. Porno Flick Bitches feat. Evil Dead
10. Can't Sleep
11. Supreme (Black God's Remix) feat. Chief Kamachi, Bomshot
12. G-O-D
13. Betrayal (Interlude)
14. Divide & Conquer
15. Reign Of The Lord
16. Chess King
17. White Nightmare
18. Severed And Split feat. Bomshot, T-Ruckus, Virtuoso

psycho realm - a war story book ll (2003)

1. Street Terrorism
2. The Enemy Strikes Back
3. Wasted
4. The Killing Fields
5. Art Of Execution
6. Palace Of Exile
7. First Day Of Freedom
8. Poisoned Rituals
9. Unknown Soldier
10. Soul Sacrifice
11. Dysfunctional
12. Good Times
13. Lifestyles
14. Concrete Jungles
15. Gun Control

lunes, noviembre 13, 2006

exlib - pandora´s box (2001)

disco de exlib no se mucho de este cauro lo unico k se, que al k le gusta la vola de necro y compañia le va gustar este disco a mi en lo personal me gusto con bases y temas que lo produce necro de la Psychological y el famoso dj premierda (dj premier).tambien hay temas que tiene la participacion de mr.hyde,Raida,CO²,Essence,Kryptonites,catch 22 y Dan Goan asi k el discoo esta escuchablee........ el disco cuando lo baji va decir mr.hyde es k la vendi..pero la wea es de exlib aki le dejo la pagina pa k lo tazen: http://www.exlibmusic.com/

01.Catch 22 -Requiem For A Dream (5:46)Featuring - Raida and mr.hyde
02.Thick And Thin (4:19).Featuring - CO², Raida Producer - Doc Strange
03.Discovering The Box (1:44)Producer - DJ Premier
04.Kryptonites-Madman (4:21)-Featuring - CO²
05.Catch 22 -Feed Your Head (4:10) Producer - Necro and mr.hyde
06.CO²-Standby (4:08).Featuring - Stress
07.Prying The Lid (1:27) Producer - Necro
08.Raida-Gloria Gaynor (4:17)Featuring.CO², Dan Goan , Exlib Producer - Essence (13)
09.Raida-Shit Spittin (3:20)Producer - Essence
11.Kryptonites-Salem's Lot (6:08)Featuring.CO² , Catch 22
11.Running For Your Life (2:52)

dim mak - epoch (2003)

grupo formado por Bishop I, Gash, Azrael, North Czar, Esoteric, y Blitz.

1.Death Eternal-Featuring. JFK Scratches DJ Scene
2.Hell Hunters
4.War Cry
5.Breathe -Featuring.Onry Ozzborn
7.Long Road

sábado, noviembre 11, 2006

apathy - it¨s bootleg,muthafuckas! volume one(2003)

1-01.Y'all Ain't Good Enough (4:03)
1-02.Every Emcee (4:03)
1-03.DSL's (3:01)
1-04.That Ol' Boom Bap [Remix] (3:29)
1-05.Chrome Depot Freestyle [Shug Mix] (2:16)
1-06.Immortal (3:43)
1-07.Science Of The Bumrush (4:18)
1-08.Earth Girls Are Easy (4:11)
1-09.Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle (6:24)
1-10.Compatible (4:19)
1-11.Sureshot Affair (3:28)
1-12.PF Cuttin Freestyle (1:05)
1-13.Mother Molestors (3:53)
1-14.You Can Try (3:08)
1-15.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - Rockafella Freestyle (3:17)
1-16.Import Tuner X-Clusive (1:42)
1-17.Public Execution [Demigodz Mix] (3:42)
1-18.We Get Down (3:39)
1-19.Breeze Block - Radio 1 UK Freestyle (1:47)
1-20.Live @ The Playboy Mansion (4:30)
1-21.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - Rare Species Freestyle (3:13)
1-22.Battle Me (3:14)
1-23.DJ Next - A Vibe Called Next Freestyle (2:28)

2-01.Don't Talk To Me (3:56)
2-02.Just Begun (3:15)
2-03.That Ol' Boom Bap (3:45)
2-04.Well, Well, Well... (4:03)
2-05.Ain't Nuthin' Nice (3:57)
2-06.Makin' Music [Remix] (3:30)
2-07.Trife-A-Saurus Rex (3:27)
2-08.Root Beers In Your Fridge (4:29)
2-09.DJ Next - Nextclusive Barbeque Sauce Freestyle (2:46)
2-10.School (4:04)
2-11.The Hook (4:18)
2-12.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - Brothers On The Slide Freestyle (2:59)
2-13.Speak Now (4:03)
2-14.No Joke (4:09)
2-15.Paper Mache (3:51)
2-16.Hip Hop Groupies (3:40)
2-17.The Smackdown (3:55)
2-18.Eddie Ill & DL - A Long Rhyme Coming Exclusive (3:05)
2-19.The Big Hurt (4:40)
2-20.Chrome Depot Freestyle [Blade Mix] (2:19)
2-21Get Off My Nuts (2:16)
2-22.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - Lost Freestyle (2:31)

boom bap project - welcome to seattle(2005)

grupo formado por destro,dj scene y karim

2.Welcome To Seattle
3.Cut Down Ya Options
4.Trade (Remix)
5.Man's World Freestyle
6.Ol' Time Killin ' Freestyle
7.Rock The Spot
10.Dickhead Tracy
11.Militia Freestyle
12.Conscious Rap
13.Total Control
14.1, 2 Check Freestyle
15.Wyle Out
16.sound Bwoy Burreil Freestyle
17.Get With This
18.Certified Gangstas Freestyle
19.Food Freestyle
20.Sho Shot
21.Live At The Cue Freestyle
22.Writers Guild
23.1 2 3 4
24.Sex Drugs And Money Freestyle
25.Wipe That Smile Off Ya Face
26.Can't Be Stopped Freestyle
27.Move Freestyle
28.Roll Call
29.I Wanna
30.Special Dedication
31.Peegee 13 Battle Shit
32.Rudebwoy Freestyle
33.Bounce Move

onry ozzborn - in between(2005)

disco de onry k es de grayskul y miembro de la oldominion crew...

1.In Between
2.Digest The Hardcore
3.Souls Clapped
4.Goons & Assassins Feat. ill bill
5Part 3 (To Drown. World. Wisper.)
6.Part 4
7.Perfect People
8.Educated Guess
9.Indie 1700
10.Be Quiet
11.What To Do? feat.aceyalone

viernes, noviembre 03, 2006

cypress hill - unreleased & revamped ep (1996)

1.Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees Remix) (3:35)
2.Throw Your Hands In The Air(4:07)
3.Intellectual Dons (4:27)
4.Hand On The Pump (Muggs' Blunted Mix) (4:41)
5.Whatta You Know (3:13)
6.Hits From The Bong (T-Ray's Mix) (4:25)
7.Illusions (Q-Tip Remix) (3:51)
8.Latin Lingo (Prince Paul Mix) (4:40)
9.When The Goes Down (Diamond D Remix) (2:55)


Triple Optix EP

M.T Exclusives (Limited Edition)

Liar And A Thief (Prelude 2006)

The Compilation Vol. 1

The Compilation Vol.2

jueves, noviembre 02, 2006

the demigodz - the godz must be crazy(2002)

Exclusive Sampler 2003 - DEMIGODZ

celph titled and j zone are the boos hog barbarians - every hog has its day(2006)

1.Hog Hop (4:10)
2.Givva Hog A Bone (3:18)
3.Bitch, That Ain't Luv! (3:50)
4.Cocksucka (2:05)
5.You Got Mail (4:36)
6.Hog Luv (4:13)
7.113th Precinct (0:59)
8.Rev Getright (3:24)
9.Bo$$ Hog Malt Liquor (1:23)
10.Dog Show Pageant (3:02)
11.$teady $mobbin' (3:21)
12.The Weight Debate (4:04)
13.Celph Destruction (2:47)
14.Hell No, Ho! (2:42)
15.J-Zone Hoggamix (2:14)
16.Bo$$ Hoggin' (3:48)
17.Snoutro (1:29)

blood tornado - pyromantic

grupo formado por brokenklutch y hyena de oldominion..... BUEN DISCO

ROTONDA password:piloto
01.Life Of The Mind
02.Emerald Tea
03.Attica Street
06.The New Dawn Of Violent Teeth
07.Smash Something

Sick Symphoniez - Sickside Stories [2005]

pshyco realm y street platoon presentan.......

1. The Begining
2. Cointelpro
3. #1 Target
4. Evaders
5. Ghetto
6. In This Lifetime
7. Times We're Living In
8. If It Happened To You
9. Fuckin Robots
10. S.S. International
11. I Can't
12. Black Hole
13. Reason to Fight
14. Streets Up

miércoles, noviembre 01, 2006

smoke (of oldominion) - one man´s trash(2006)

disco de Smoke perteneciente a la Oldominion Crew.

2.Escape Route
3.Violence Is Fun
5.Iron Hip Hop
6....Of Your Peace
7.I Need Some Time
8.Typical Hip Hop Joint
9.Peasant Pagant
10.Golden Calf
11.Darkside Of The Moon
12.The Endless Summer Is Dead
13.Deathrow game Show
14.Under The Overpass
15.Crucify Me
16.Pardon Me, Can I Injure You?
17.BPM Unknown

street platoon - The Steel Storm

si te gustan los cypress hill y pshyco realm demas k te gusta este grupo k esta formado de 2 mcs crow y cynicism k es de la productora de los psycho y hay temas k tiene la participacion de sick jacken....

ROTONDA password:rotonda
1. Downtown Daze
2. Dead Lines
3. Mean Streets
4. Drug Lab
5. Sick Of It All
6. Pink (Pastrami Strips)
7. Great Downfall
8. Street Revolution
9. The Funeral March
10. Friction
11. Traffic
12. Animal Factory

aurora - s7v7n days (2001)

un projecto de oldominion k los miembros son Onry Ozzborn, Sleep & Smoke ....

2.Children Of The Desert
4.Old School Slayer To New School Tool
6.Ride With Me
7.I Can Take You
8.Stick Um
10.We Demand Respect