sábado, junio 30, 2007

myg aka sinistapushaman (of oldominion) - politick'n (2004)

disco con numerosos MCs y la produccion del disco por Myg, Pale Soul, Mr. Hill. & featuring Skills, Killah Priest de Wu-Tang, Planet Asia, Rasco de Cali Agents, Casual, Pep Love de Hiero Crew, Mac Dre, Onsy Ozzborn of Dominion, Cool Nutz, Shipwreck, Lost Children of Babylon, Bus Driver, Riddore, Riffleman & mas...

1. Intro - f/ RK1
2. Stealin' - f/ Casual from Hiero, N8 The Gr8 and Crush from The Cuf
3. Don't Get Left - f/ Mad Skillz
4. Don't Step - f/ Planet Asia & Rasco of Cali Agents
5. Blunt $ - f/ Casual of Hiero Crew, Zelle Roc, Kable Roc, RK1
6. Done Deal Already - f/ RK1, Kable Roc, Zelle Roc
7. There Goes Da Neighborhood - f/ Monk Mike
8. Payday - f/ RK1, Kable Roc, Zelle Roc
9. Rhymania - f/ RK1, Dee Arthur
10. Speak Now - f/ Pep Love, Onry Ozzborne, Kable Roc
11. Big Rhyme Slinga - f/ Kable, RK1
12. We Keeps It Gully - f/ Cool Nutz, JFK, Gash of Oldominion
13. Informer Fi Dead - f/ Mac Dre, Zelle Roc
14. Whoop - f/ Risky, Dee Arthur & Flytrapper, Kable Roc
15. SuperBaller - f/ RK1, Local Strippers, Diego
16. Where Is He? - f/ Killah Priest of Wu-Tang, Gainon
17. The Eternal - f/ Lost Children of Babylon, Zelle Roc, Shipwreck
18. Puff Puff Pass - f/ Rocket 1, RK1, Zelle Roc
19. It's All Over - f/ Rifleman, Busdriver, Riddlore of Project Blowed, RK1
20. Silence - f/ RK1, Zelle Roc

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