martes, diciembre 26, 2006

pale soul - Fear Is The Mind Killer (2003)

pale soul de oldominion......

ROTONDA 01 - 11 traxs
ROTONDA 12- 17 traxs

2.Altered Species
3.FM Twister Fader
4.Out Of The Frame. -Feat - Sleep
5.Brotherly Love. -Feat - Anaxagorus
6.Shallow End. -Feat - Onry Ozzborn
7.Vanity. -Feat - Sirens Echo
8.Fear Is The Mind Killer. -Vocals - Toni Hill
9.AM Twister Fader
10.Want Beef?
12.Sound Mind
13.Moon Raker. -Feat - Zelly Rock
14.Passin Me
15.My Soul. - Feat - Roosevelt
16.Our First
17.Off The Chain. - Feat - D.O.S.

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