jueves, diciembre 07, 2006

Weathermen - "the conspiracy mixcd" (2003)

2.Made You Sh*t Your Pants - (with Copywrite, Yak & Cage)
3.Missy Done Justice - (with EL-P & Camu Tao)
4.10 Times - (with Copywrite)
5.React Shun - (with Tame-One, Copywrite & Jakki)
6.Illuminati Guy
7.What Happen To Dat Toy - (with Cage, Tame-One)
8.Volume - (with Yak)
9.Mhz Over Megahertz - (with Copywrite, Jakki & Camu Tao)
10.Slick Talkin' - (with Tame One)
11.Where I Wanna Be - (with Yak & Camu Tao)
12.Columbus - (with Jakki & Copywrite)
13.Beverly Crabs - (with Cage)
14.Chtis Lightly - (with Vast Aire)
15.Come To Daddy - (with Nighthawks)
16.Concerto - (with Tame One)
17.Gangster - (with S.A. Smash)
18.Fried Fish - (with Breezley Brewin, Tame-one, Cage)
19.Left In The CLip - (RJD2 remix, with Weathermen)
20.Every Rapper In The House Shut The F%#k Up - (with Copywrite, Cage, Yak)

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